Some Things To Try

October is a big party month for me.  David’s birthday is this month and our anniversary and my mother-in-law’s birthday and Halloween, etc, etc.  As a result I’m always on the look out for great fall snacks and treats that aren’t the typical orange cupcakes.  Here are some things that I want to try out this month:

Easy Cinnamon Rolls from Ezra Pound Cake

We’re a big breakfast family on the weekends.  I like getting up on Saturday mornings and making the full spread; bacon, eggs, toast, etc.  I’m looking forward to working these easy Cinnamon rolls into my rotation

Chocolate Croissants from Noble Pig

I love chocolate.  I love croissants. Chocolate croissants are the closest thing to food heaven I will ever attain. And the mere thought that I might be able to have these on demand at my own house is mind-boggling to me

Pumpkin Cookies from My Baking Addiction

I like to bring snacks to my students.  Some teachers might view that as bribery, others as patronizing.  I view it as just straight up logic.  If I feed them they are more likely to stay awake AND give me a good teacher eval.  You won’t believe how much positive feedback I’ve received from $30 worth of doughnuts.  Totally worth it.  I was thinking these cookies would be easy to double and bring to school.  If they go crazy for stale doughnuts, think about the response I’ll get with homemade cookies.

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2 thoughts on “Some Things To Try”

  1. Yum!

    It’s funny, I was just wondering if I could find a Pumpkin Cookie recipe last night. I made a note in my cell phone so that I wouldn’t forget to look….now I don’t have to!!

  2. I officially tried the chocolate croissants tonight. They were crazy easy, but I don’t think I put near enough chocolate in them. Next time, I’m loading them up.

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