Lucy Talks Boys & Marriage

While driving home from church Lucy and I talk marriage:

Lucy: Mommy, will I ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever find a boy to marry me?

Me: Of course you will.

Lucy: But there are so, so, so many boys that are ALREADY married

Me: Well, God has somebody special picked out for you to marry

Lucy: What is his name?

Me: Well, Lucy I don’t know his name

Lucy: When will I meet him?

Me: I have no idea. God will introduce you when it is time.

Lucy: Mommy, let’s promise to not tell anybody that I asked that.

Me: I promise.


A week later on the way home from school Lucy and I talk about the allure of the “bad boy”

Lucy: Matthew was very bad in school today

Me: Really?

Lucy: Yeah, he got a note sent home to his mommy

Me: What did he do?

Lucy: He is soooo mean.  I say nice things to him alllll the time and he never says nice things and today while we were standing in line he tried to bite Karen and then he lied about how many stars he got and then he didn’t stop talking

Me: Wow, sounds like he doesn’t have very good behavior

Lucy: No, but he does have a nice haircut.

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