Lucy Discovers The Secret Of Life

Recently, as Lucy and I meandered our way through the car pool lane, she declared “boys are weird”.  Curious as to why she had come to this most obvious conclusion I said “why do you say that?” Lucy’s response, “because they do weird stuff like put their tongues on ice cubes and flag poles to see if they stick. Girls wear perfume and smell good.”  At six years old she very clearly identified the root of every single female conversation; “boys are weird”.

Max recently turned four years old and during these four years we have already had to make three visits to the hospital. He has also almost electrocuted himself, and painted his entire head including in his ears and up his nose.  Max’s latest visit to the hospital was to get his tonsils out.  As he roused himself  like a Rastafarian emerging from the heavy haze of smoke he turned and said to me, “I like getting my tonsils out.” Ignoring this as the nonsense talk of somebody with a good buzz I tell him that it is time to go home.  And proving once again that parents have no idea what they are talking about he starts crying and declares “I don’t want to go home. I want to stay in the hopital”

Yes Lucy, boys are weird.


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