Hot Dogs Kill

As a rule I’m a “live and let live” kind of person. I don’t feel compelled to preach my way of living or expect others to follow suit or to even think that my way is the best way. Since having children this is an especially difficult road to travel since EVERYBODY has an opinion regarding how you should or should not be raising your child. I’ve done a rather good job navigating these waters and have pretty much avoided most conflict.  Until now.

After herniating a disc in my back from carrying Max around as an infant I swore I wouldn’t make that same mistake with Harper. I started researching baby slings and carriers. I wanted a sling that fit me well and that I felt comfortable using. I’m a rather “endowed” woman and so finding a proper fitting sling became a challenge for me.  I went to an actual sling store and spoke with experts who fitted me.  I settled on a Hot Sling – which I LOVE. (Dear Hot Sling, feel free to send me some more since I only own one). My only regret is that I didn’t use a sling with my other children.  Harper loves being so close to me and I love feeling her snug against me.  I can grocery shop with the other two kids in the cart and still have room for food. I can walk to the park,  wash dishes, play board games, etc.  It is one of my favorite baby items at the moment.

And then the article came out. SLINGS KILL BABIES! Suddenly strangers are stopping me in the grocery store warning me that I’m killing my child. My friends, family, doctors are suddenly concerned with the safety of my child.  I read the warning and I consulted the Hot Sling website and I’m still comfortable using my sling. You know why? Because only 14 children have died over 20 years. That is less than one death a year.  1.6 children a year die from eating hot dogs.  That means that hot dogs are more dangerous than baby slings. I don’t see anybody accosting people in the cold cuts aisle because they are feeding their child hot dogs. I recognize the problems that some women have had with slings and I am very careful that Harper is facing up, that she is not curled up on herself and I check her often.  I do this because I am a responsible parent who cares for her child. 14 deaths in 20 years is more of a comment on the idiots who are parents than the poorly designed product.

If you see me in the store and Harper is snug in her sling don’t even THINK about telling me about the death trap I have created or I will punch you in the throat.

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One thought on “Hot Dogs Kill”

  1. I love that comparison! I did wish to point out that the recalled slings had a dangerous design that made it impossible to wear your baby safely as you do in your hotsling. So the recall is appropriate, and a warning against all bag slings is appropriate.

    But there are so many more quality carriers that are receiving the backlash and it’s not fair.

    Like you, babywearing was transformative to me and I couldn’t (or at least wouldn’t) do without it. My baby is always worn in a safe position: high on my chest so that I can kiss her head easily, tight against my body so she cannot roll or turn, in a well supported position so that she cannot curl and tuck her chin in a dangerous manner…

    Anyone investigating babywearing should make sure that their carrier allows them to carry safely. Then you’re good to go.

    If I see you in the store, I’ll be stopping to make friends with a like minded momma and a lucky baby!

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